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  3. A how to guide for layering this falls garments. Each item is simple and can easily be draped and worn with other items in your closet.

    1. Cowl Neck T-shirt - extra long, thin wool t-shirt with side slits

    2. Waffle Dress - light weight cotton waffle fabric, fits extra tight on both the body and on the arms. All though it fits snugly, it is still comfortable and allows for ruching on both the arms and on the body. Side slits on the bottom allow for maximum movement and comfort.

    3. Cowl Neck T-Shirt layered on top of Waffle Dress

    4. Cotton Jersey Drape Cardigan - thick, soft, textured jersey made into an asymmetrical cardigan with extra long sleeves. Layered with Cowl Neck T-Shirt and Waffle Dress.

    5. Cotton Jersey Drape Cardigan wrapped for cooler mornings or evenings. The drapey front can also double as a snug scarf.

    6. Wool Drape Vest - light weight, charcoal, soft ( not itchy!!) wool knit vest. Covers your bottom for maximum warmth, and is layered on top of everything else to keep you comfy and cozy through the chilly Canadian months of autumn.

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    How do you describe this? Forest x Rick Owens Chic?

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